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African Pygmy Hedgehogs for sale


One of the biggest African Pygmy Hedgehog breeder in Europe

Perfect, absolutely beautiful animals for sale

Hedgehog babies for sale
As we are one of the the biggest hedgehog kennel in Europe, we usually have 15-30 babies for sale all the time. Please let us know if you are interested in buying one of them.

Please see a video here to see what our baby hedgehogs look like:

One of our hedgehog rooms:

Right now we have about 90 breeding animals so we almost continually have fantastic looking, healthy hedgies for sale.
All the hedgies from us go with a starter kit and a certificate with the origin of the hedgie.
Selling / delivering
We sell hedgehogs to different European countries such as Sweeden, Finland, Austria, Germany and more. Yes, it is possible to deliver the hedgies to most European cities. We are located in Budapest, Hungary.

We cannot deliver

We can deliver to different countries to most European countries but cannot unfortunatelly to the UK. (To be precise, we cannot get the papers for sending them to the UK, but if you can do it yourself, we can even send hedgies to the UK.)
The price of our hedgies depend on age and colour but normally the price is between 100-200 Euros (plus delivery to your town (50-100 Euros))
Are you interested in one of our hedgies? Please contact us:
Please fill out the form below:
Some of our hedgehogs from the past:
(Pictures coming soon)
Our plans:

One of our focus is rearing hedgehogs for breeders but we also sell babies to anyone interested.
Book on Hedgehogs

We are very proud of our book which was published in mid July, 2016. It's a comprehensive, highly detailed publication on 160 pages containing 124 colored pictures on how to raise and keep healthy hedgehogs. The book is now in Hungarian, but we have plans to translated it to English, German and Finnish later.
The cover of the book

So if you are interested in hedgehogs, feel free to contuct us!

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